Best Anime Ringtone Apps for Android and iPhone

Anime ringtones are trendy among anime fans who can’t live without them. Almost all anime fans keep anime series ringtones on their phones. You can find anime ringtones on the internet via many anime ringtones sharing sites.


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Some websites provide free anime ringtone download links, while others do not allow users to download ringtones but only allow you to listen to them online. We’ll share a handful of our favorite anime ringtone apps with you in this article, which you can use on your Android or iPhone device.

Best Anime Ringtone Apps for Android

Best Anime Ringtone Apps for Android
  • Anime Ringtone by Pixels Multimedia
  • Anime Ringtones by CMP
  • Anisound
  • Anime Ringtones by Gainsto


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Anime Ringtone by Pixels Multimedia

Best Anime Ringtone Apps for Android: Anime Ringtone by Pixels Multimedia

If you are a crazy fan of famous anime cartoons, this ringtone app offers you the greatest anime music songs you would like to play on repeat! It features short-length mp3 ringtones and high-quality message tones for your mobile phone. Furthermore, the app also has hundreds of love story tones, funny SMS notification sounds, anime voice ringtones, etc.

Install the Anime Ringtones by Pixels Multimedia and enjoy fantastic tones on your mobile devices. A customized application to listen to anime tunes on your smartphone, tablet, or other Android devices.

Anime Ringtones by CMP

This is one of the best anime ringtones apps with the most up-to-date and fashionable sounds. It turns your phone into an anime airwave and allows you to download the greatest Anime Ringtones. As a dedicated anime fan, you deserve to have these popular anime ringtones on your phone.


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This free ringtone software contains a wide choice of anime songs. These anime theme ringtones will delight any anime fan. To animate your phone with the best ringtones! You will enjoy epic anime tunes thanks to the anime soundboard effects features in the app.


Set your anime ringtone, notification, or alarm using anime music and soundboard. This anime soundboard tool, known as Anisound, allows you to listen to anime music anywhere. In addition, this app will enable you to create personalized anime ringtones and notifications.

Custom anime music can also be added to the app and used as a ringtone or notification. It also allows you to set the OPs and endings of your favorite anime titles as a ringtone or notification sound.

You may access a large anime soundboard featuring openings, endings, and sound effects with Anisound – Anime Music. You can also listen to Nightcore songs, Vocaloid, and Anime game music. You may also use custom anime music as ringtones or notifications, experiment with popular Japanese music, and find new Anime Openings.

Anime Ringtones by Gainsto

Anime Ringtones by Gainsto is an excellent app for changing your phone’s ringtone or notification sound. This app contains an anime soundboard, cartoon ringtones, anime wallpapers, and all-time ringtones.

Please choose your favorite anime sound and use it as ringtones, notification sounds, or alarms. This ringtone app has it all, from romance ringtones to Anime Ringtones Music, cartoon ringtones, horror ringtones, and vocal ringtones. Then, enjoy a fun and pleasant song anytime you receive a call or notification.

You don’t need to buy a new music downloader; download this free high-quality music app to get free ringtones on your phone. All cartoon lovers will enjoy these cute ringtones. In addition, this is an excellent app for all anime fans.

Best Anime Ringtone Apps For iPhone

Ringtones for iPhone: Best Anime Ringtone Apps For iPhone
  • Ringtones for iPhone
  • ZEDGE – Ringtones Apps For IOS
  • Marimba Ringtone Remixes


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Ringtones for iPhone

Replace your old default message, SMS, mail, calendar, and alarm tones with this professional audio library to give your iPhone a new outlook on life. Use this Ringtones Maker to generate new, unique ringtones for your iPhone, then select the needed segment from the audio file. In the gallery, you can save and categorize your creations. You can also arrange and update your favorite ringtones in the favorites collection, which includes a variety of premium categories.

ZEDGE – Ringtones Apps For IOS

Zedge is one of the best anime ringtone apps for iPhones. It comes with millions of high-quality backgrounds, audio sounds, and app icons. Discover great content in anime, pets, cats, neon, space, sports, nature, love, etc. ZEDGE will give your phone the personality and flair you desire.

Beautiful wallpapers, live icons, notification sounds, ringtones, and premium content. You’ll indeed find something to meet your tastes here.


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Marimba Ringtone Remixes

Use one of the best ringtones apps to personalize your iPhone. Are you sick of the same old ringtones and sounds? Do you want to make your iPhone ring with some fantastic anime ringtones? Marimba Remix Ringtones is the ideal app for you if your answer is yes. Customize and improve your iPhone with the most popular and greatest mix ringtones.


TUUNES is the official marketplace for ringtones, text tones, music, and other digital media. You can search through the potentially largest legal ringtones and tones collections from professional labels and creators in one app. Easily customize your iPhone’s ring and messaging tone. Discover your personal favorite Tuune, set it (In-App), and enjoy playing and suggesting ringtones to friends on all of your devices.

Furthermore, this app is the world’s most ideal and advanced official ringtones store, with licensed quick ringtones and message tones for iPhone and other devices. In addition, it offers the world’s largest and fastest-growing ringtone catalog, created by top artists and ringtone producers.


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If you like anime, you’ve come to the right site because we’ve already given you the new best Anime ringtones app for Android and iPhone, where you can enjoy a variety of anime sounds and download ringtones to use on your phone. The most famous anime music ringtones apps are finally here.

You no longer need to download numerous apps to discover ringtones for Android or iPhone; these anime ringtones for Android and iPhone have it all. They feature a large selection of anime remix ringtones, DJ sounds, romance sounds, and other sounds for various devices. In addition, this app includes a soundboard for anime, cartoon ringtones, anime wallpapers, and ringtones.

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