AVG Antivirus Pro Apk 6.47.0 (Premium Unlocked)

UpdatedMarch 30, 2022
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Download AVG Antivirus Pro Apk (Premium Unlocked), Latest Version to protect your android phone from viruses and malware. The download AVG Pro Premium version has been provided below this page. Download and enjoy premium features.

AVG Antivirus Pro


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Protecting our smartphones should be at the top of our priority list. Smartphones, especially android, are prone to viruses and malware, which can infiltrate our activities like transactions, messages, and more. If such details get into the wrong hands, it can cause problems that might affect the victim severely, which is why we have to protect it again.

Thankfully, there are apps such as AVG Antivirus Pro that can shield our mobile devices from different forms of viruses and malware. This popular antivirus has been downloaded over 100 million times on Google Play. In addition, AVG Antivirus Pro has an app lock, photo vault, Wi-Fi security scan, and more!

More About AVG Antivirus

Viruses aren’t new. They are engineered to cause tons of problems to android devices as well. You can hardly tell what a particular virus can do until they’ve done it. Also, some are spotless. You can hardly differentiate them from files, so you need a reliable Antivirus to combat them.

AVG Antivirus is one of the antivirus apps to protect your smartphone or tablet against viruses, ransomware, spyware, phishing attempts, and other malware in real-time.

AVG Antivirus also offers more useful features for its premium users. If you find it difficult to subscribe to a premium membership, you can download AVG Antivirus Pro Apk from this website. This cracked version of the official app gives you access to premium features without a subscription. Some of these features are listed below;

Key Features AVG Antivirus Pro Apk

AVG Antivirus Pro does more than protect you from viruses. Here are some other features of this app;

Protection: the core feature of AVG Antivirus Pro is to protect users from every form of malware. This app archive this with a powerful malware engine that scans for viruses, malware, and spyware. It also scans websites you visit for harmful threats. Furthermore, AVG Antivirus also comes with an inbuilt Wi-Fi scanner and VPN for network and online privacy encryption.


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Performance: AVG Antivirus Pro also boosts the performance of your device by turning off apps draining the device’s resources. It also clears unnecessary files and frees up storage space. You can also extend your phone battery life thanks to the Power Save feature that automatically turns off the battery-draining apps.

Anti-Theft: AVG Antivirus Pro can locate your devices via Google Maps when lost or stolen. If your device gets into the wrong hands, it can wipe your device content to keep your data from being stolen. In addition, AVG Antivirus uses Camera Trap to discreetly email you a photo of anyone trying to unlock your phone.

Privacy Protection: In terms of privacy, AVG Antivirus Pro allows you to hide photos in a vault protected by a password, PIN, pattern, or fingerprint.


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App Insights: If you are a TikTok addict and can monitor the amount of time you spend on this app, AVG Pro comes with App Insight that shows you the amount of time spent on each app on your device.

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Download AVG Antivirus Pro Apk (Premium Unlocked) 2022

Your online data and privacy are worth much more than money, and protecting them is very important. Download AVG Antivirus Pro Apk (Premium Unlocked); This version has been cracked to give you access to premium features. Download now!


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