Archero MOD APK 4.4.1 (God Mode, High Damage)

App Name Archero
UpdatedOct 31, 2022
Size342.26 MB
Mod Info God Mode
category Action
Price Free
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Archero MOD APK (God Mode, High Damage) is an archery-themed game developed by Habby. This modded version comes with God Mode and High Damage, which help you defeat enemies effortlessly.

Archero MOD APK (God Mode, High Damage)

Archero is another interesting Archery game you should add to your collection if you are a fan of archery. This game was published not too long ago, but it has gained millions of downloads on google play and still counting.


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About Archero

Archero was published by Habby, an infamous publisher with several famous works in the gaming space. They have some relatively popular games on Google Play, like Slidey: Block Puzzle or Flaming Core. Archero is one of their latest releases but has gained millions of downloads on Google Play with positive feedback and reviews. The gameplay is similar to Tiny Archers‘s and has unique features.

Become Archer hero

In Archero, your story starts as a kingdom’s best archer, with the duty of fighting the dark forces. As expected, things won’t go easy as numerous monsters will target you. There are thousands of them, and you are alone with a bow as a companion. So fight to the last arrow and become the hero praised by humankind.

Levels with many challenges

In this game, each stage comes with several monsters with different power. They surface unexpectedly. They can appear anywhere, such as the entrance, back, or right where you stand. Therefore, you have to stay alert and concentrate if you don’t want to be killed by these monsters.


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Moreover, if you want to complete levels efficiently and progress faster in this game, you should use Archero MOD APK. It helps you increase damage per attack. In addition, you will increase the attack speed and the attack range.

Weapons and Skills

Furthermore, players can use the money they get after killing monsters to purchase weapons and skins. Increase your weapon’s capacity and character’s abilities by upgrading them. At first, you can only shoot one arrow each time. After upgrading your bow and arrow, that number can be increased to 7 arrows.

Moreover, there are varieties of skills to choose from. The skill system of the game is imposing. You will love it!

Impressive Graphics

In addition, Archero also comes with remarkable graphics. Astonishing 3D graphics with bright colors help you continuously play games for several hours without feeling bored.

Archero MOD APK (God Mode, High Damage)


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Archero comes with many complex challenges. To get the best out of this game, you should download Archero MOD APK. It comes with God Mode. With this, you become immortal. You can’t die no matter how long the monster hits you. Note that you must pass stage 2 to activate God Mode.

Features of Archero MOD APK

  • One hit kill
  • God mode
  • Shoot through the wall


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What's new

1. Chapters 43 and 44
2. Brave Privileges system
3. "A Way Out" feature
4. New hero: Elaine
5. New Halloween outfits
6. New jewel: Tourmaline (Attack) with 3 different stats
7. New dragons: Voideon (SS), Necrogon (S), Swordian (S), Shadex (A), Jadeon (A), Dominus (A)
8. Optimized Features
-Equipment: Antiquated Sword, Vilebat's Ring, Counterattack Charm
-Celestite Chest: Added Lv.5 jewel. Jewel and hero shard drop rates permanent UP
-Dragon Chest: S Grade Dragon drop rates permanent UP


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