1DM+ Apk 15.5 (Paid)

App Name 1DM+
UpdatedNov 6, 2022
Mod Info Patched/Mod Extra
category Android Apps
Price Free
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1DM+ Apk (Paid) is a mobile app that allows downloading files from the Internet to your device with high speed and modern features. Later, the developer added a few extra capabilities, transforming 1DM+ into a potent web browser.


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About 1DM+ Apk 

1DM+ Apk is currently the fastest downloading manager. It is known to be 500% faster than most downloading manager applications and stops using background services to prolong battery life. The app also supports downloading web videos to your device storage in HD quality or even converting the video to mp4. It also supports multiple languages, including Spanish, Chinese, German, Russian, Korean, Japanese, Italian, etc. 

With 1DM+, you can rapidly make, manage, and distribute videos that look how you want them to. The application comes with practically everything you need to start making videos right out of the box, including toolbars, skins for giving your videos various backgrounds and effects, and much more. In addition, new HTML5 capabilities and script support are included in the most recent version of 1DM+ Apk, resulting in quicker and more reliable performance. 

Features Of 1DM+ Apk 

Files Downloader Integrated With Improved Speed

1DM+ Apk is developed with a versatile downloader with improved speed and quality compared to a standard download manager. One useful and well-liked feature for users who frequently download stuff is 1DM+’s support for torrent downloads. Users can change many settings to make the downloader work more smoothly and versatilely than the default downloaders of other browsers. This includes automating the download process or customizing it. 

Efficient web browser

1DM+ is a web browser that supports high-privacy web browsing. The browsing features of 1DM+ are particularly notable for its support for multiple tabs, history, and handy bookmarks, as well as its ability to browse the web anonymously.


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It’s essential to check the access rights to the following areas of the device when using 1DM+, such as memory, network connections, vibration mode, and whether or not the device has entered sleep mode.

Powerful ad and tracker blocker for the best browsing experience 

Popup ads are one of the most annoying things we encounter when surfing the web. However, with 1DM+ Apk, you get to enjoy an ad-free experience. 1DM+ Apk is integrated with an adblocking feature that eliminates all the javascript snippets, including the ad library, for a better, safer browsing experience. 

Intuitive interface

1DM+ Apk has numerous capabilities, including file import, torrent downloads, URL downloads, web browsing, and ad blocking. On the homepage, each of these characteristics is visually presented. The menu can be found in the top left corner of the screen if you want to see more specific information and features. It also has download preferences. To switch it on or off, all you have to do is tap.

Download 1DM+ Apk For Android 

1DM+ Apk is an all-in-one browser with fantastic features and useful tools to improve the individual user experience. Additionally, it is optimized right out of the box to give customers the finest browsing experiences they’ve ever had.


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What's new

Fixed issue with adblock where it's blocking every website (If you are facing adblocker issues follow this tutorial to fix - https://telegram.me/android_1dm/734175)
Added Block website option in Site Settings
Added Share link to browser option [Browser menu option + Shortcut Menu strip]
Added Background color for Dialog for custom themes [Custom Theme screen]
Bug fixes

Read full changelog @ https://apps2sd.info/idmp/changelog.html


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